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Single Dad? Here is why you need Life Insurance

If you’re a single dad, you know just how much work it takes to keep your household running smoothly. From hairbrushes to sack lunches, carpools to playdates, your kids need you to help them navigate the world. More than that—your kids probably think of you as their entire world, especially if they’re still young enough to hold your hand as they cross the street.

But what if you weren’t there? We know you don’t really want to think about the worst-case scenario, so we won’t spell it out for you. Instead, we’ll give you four good reasons why you should think about applying for an affordable term life insurance policy. Think of it as a Father’s Day gift you can give to your children.

Life insurance can help your kids stay in the family home

If you’re a homeowner, you already know that the monthly mortgage bill needs to be paid no matter what—along with property taxes, roof repairs and whatever it costs to fix that weird noise coming from the furnace. A good life insurance policy can help ensure those bills continue to get paid even if you’re no longer there to pay them.

Protecting your mortgage and keeping your kids in the family home is one of the best reasons to consider a term life insurance policy. Depending on the length of your mortgage and the amount still on the loan, a 10-year term life insurance policy could provide just enough coverage to give you and your family the financial security you need.

Life insurance can help ensure your kids are cared for

Single dads know all about the cost of childcare. Whether you’re dealing with daycare, looking for reliable babysitters or comparing summer camps, you know that childcare is a major expense—and it’s the kind of expense that doesn’t really go away until your kids are fully grown.

If you’re the kind of single dad who’s on top of things, you’ve already written a basic will—and you’ve already selected guardians for your children. However, you may not have asked yourself how those guardians are going to cover all of those babysitters and camps.

That’s where a good life insurance policy can help. If your kids are still in daycare, a 15-year term life insurance policy might be a smart choice, as it would offer your kids financial protection until their high school graduation. If they end up going to a private school, their guardians might be able to use some of that financial help to cover the cost of tuition.

Life insurance can help your kids go to college

On the subject of tuition—you know that college is more expensive than ever, right? Some dads are determined to help their kids as much as possible, setting up 529 plans and starting college funds. Other dads use the cost of college as a way to teach their kids self-reliance—but even kids who receive scholarships or take out student loans still depend on their parents to help them cover the expenses associated with new laptops, extra-long sheets and plane flights home for the holidays.

If something were to happen and you weren’t able to see your kids off to college, a term life insurance policy could help your kids pay for not only the tuition, but also the fees, the laptops and the late-night pizzas. If your kids are still young, think about a 20-year term life insurance policy. That way, they’ll be covered even if they take five years to complete their degree—or if they decide to go on to grad school.

Life insurance can help protect your own parents

Your parents probably did a lot for you when you were a kid. They may still be helping you out today, especially if they live close enough to see the grandkids on a regular basis. Believe it or not, a term life insurance policy can be one of the best ways to thank them for all of that hard work.

Once your life insurance policy is in place, your parents will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their grandchildren are taken care of. If your parents are your children’s assigned guardians, they’ll have the financial assistance they need to help give your children everything you may have wanted them to experience.

Your parents will also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they won’t have to cover any of the high costs associated with funerals, burials and other final expenses. Term life insurance policies can be used to cover those kinds of costs, which can be much higher than many people anticipate—which is why you can use your life insurance policy to protect your parents from that potential financial burden.

We never said being a single dad was easy—but we know you’re ready to do whatever it takes to make sure your family is taken care of. If that includes a term life insurance policy, we’ve just given you four good reasons to add it to your to-do list.

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